My current focus in life is my education. I am in my final year of college where I am majoring in Mass Communications and Media Studies. Last year I was majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication but while I really enjoyed writing articles I found the classes that involved communications, public relations and digital media far more eye-catching to me.

While it is disappointing to say, I’ll be honest. My first two years were spent in community college, which was the best decision I’ve made but I had no guidance. After moving to ASU I spent my time between school and work due to having to pay for my tuition out of pocket so I had no time for opportunities such as internships and extracurriculars. But after graduation, it’s my plan to look for opportunities for internships anywhere and hope to grow into the area that I want to enter which is social media managing/ PR. I currently have been managing the Facebook and Instagram accounts for Bahama Bucks Greenway (as well as formerly Tucson and Laveen). Starting their Instagram with zero followers

I want this site to promote myself, and my work if I have any but I also want to share things that I like. Such as playlists or concerts I have recently gone to because those are some of my enjoyments and a business I would like to enter. You can also find my Instagram here!