24-Hours Media Consumption

For my 24 Hours of media consumption I chose to do Tuesday January 29, 2023. This was another day off from work I but was busy for other reasons.

12:00 p.m: Starting later than usual, after getting my afternoon started I scroll through social media which include Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram. All of these contain some detailed information about me including my username, password, date of birth, and my location.

12:30 p.m: Continuing on my phone, I also go on my email both personal and school email to check if there is anything important that needs my attention. I also go on an app called When I Work that is used for my job that provides me with my work schedule and allows me to talk to my coworkers. This app has my private information such as name, phone number, email and work address.

1:00 p.m: I enjoy watching shows as I have shared before and I am always open to anything. On Tuesday, I started a series called Alice in Borderland which is a Japanese thriller drama on Netflix (after writing this I have completed both seasons and they were great I would definitely recommend the series!) With Netflix, when making an account everyone has agreed to sharing sensitive information such as email, password and billing information.

Alice in Borderland

2:00 p.m.: Sometimes while watching a show I’ll get distracted and do some online shopping. After watching the assigned documentary for our data and security lesson I thought back on some recent items I purchased and thought about what influenced me to purchase these items. Was it surveillance capitalism doing its job in feeding products that I would eventually purchase?

3:00 p.m.: At this point I am heading out because I have to head downtown again for a neurology appointment. I am new to my new neurologist and have had epilepsy since I was 11 years-old. Recently, my old medicine was no longer working and I am now in the process of finding something new that works for me which is why I am going downtown more often. This is why My first 24-Hour blog was also downtown. But because of this I was able to figure out that I have frontal lobe epilepsy. At the hospital, I provide them with biometric information such as height and weight.

5:00 p.m.: After that the rest of my day is rather calm, more show watching and going from platform to platform.

6:00 p.m. I go on Canvas to just to see any announcements and they have my school information such as email and password which is also the same for Duo Mobile which is an extra layer of protection.

Personally, I have used social media for a long time ago and don’t think I would reconsider how I interact with it. I would though, change my passwords every now and then to stay away from any possibility of being hacked and use a VPN which is one of the many ways that can protect my devices protected.

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