Community Guidelines

  • My philosophy of online community;
    • I believe that there is an online community for everyone, it just takes the time to look for the one you want to be a part of or it will eventually find you based on what you sure online. Engaging and having fun is also important for online communities and will help create that lively community.
  • What I expect from commenters;
    • I would like for everyone to interact with each other as kindly and respectfully as possible. Comments should also be made consciously and responsibly.   
  • how I want the community to flag inappropriate comments;
    • On flagging inappropriate comments: anything that may be seen as inappropriate of the sorts may be screenshot and sent to my email or any of my social media and will be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • My policy on removing comments ;
    • If comments are deemed as inappropriate, rude or disrespectful they will be up for removal and if required further steps will be taken. 
  • My policy on banning people.
    • If (3) repeated offenses of any sort of inappropriate behavior are done by a user, the user will be permanently banned.