How Net Neutrality Impacts

Based on our lesson for this week’s module, Net neutrality has displayed its importance to withhold balance within the media meaning what we read, see and hear. Without it major companies would have a say in what we consume in the media and be able to control what we see in order to benefit them in their interest

This is best explained in a small video that was provided in this week’s lesson that helped me understand what net neutrality was. The first time I had heard about net neutrality was when the UK was having issues with net neutrality regulations post Brexit. Despite the various videos explaining what was happening and what it was the topic remained a rather confusing one.

Thanks to this module I think each video supported each other in understanding net neutrality and why it’s important to remain grounded. In the Crash Course video of media ownership, through their thought bubbles they explain how ISPs could choose to abuse their power in order to take more without giving much in return, the example they use are cars in a lane. Continuing with the video, price is only one of the effects it can have on users. Without net neutrality companies also have access to push content of their choosing or promote/push other companies.

Understanding the regulations for net neutrality really helped me a lot throughout this lesson and made me think back on some headlines throughout the past month. How many articles about Disney buying another company or seeing how other major companies are merging together only to become even bigger. The media is always trying to catch peoples eyes at any means. It’s important to remember the importance of media ownership and net neutrality.

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