My ‘FATE’ Concert Experience! PT1?

My little vlog assignment is about about ENHYPEN’S FATE concert in Glendale last month! I stated that ENHYPEN are one of the few groups who have come to Arizona so I wanted to share the other groups who have: NCT 127, The Rose (they are back this week also!), Kard, MAMAMOO, ITZY and groups who are coming this month are VAV and Purple Kiss! The concert was jam packed with their music from the last three years (debuting in 2020) of music in a way it was their version of The Eras tour. You could tell Heesung, Jake and Jay were the ring leaders of the show especially Jake, fluent in English being born in Australia moving to South Korea to follow his dreams of being an idol. Jay being born in Seattle, Washington and moving to Korea at the age of 9 and Heesung learning English to become closer to ENGENES. Preforming a total of 24 songs separated into categories via talking segments and VCRs. The concert light up with the groups lightsticks connected with bluetooth.