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Fact Check-Video does not show Ted Cruz making Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cry. 

For this discussion post I chose to talk about the fact-checking of a video that Reuters fact checked in which it was claimed that Senator Ted Cruz made Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cry which ultimately led to a lot of discourse between the left and right side due to the misleading and false information that was posted by this person.

In a Facebook video posted by the user named Coi the coi de titled “AOC Brought to tears as Ted Cruz Gets up and HUMILIATES her to her face” Ted Cruz talks about immigration and border protection in the 10 minute video. 

Reuter went on to further research where the picture of AOC crying was from. It was from hearing the testimony of Yazmin Juarez from Guatemala, who had lost her infant at a detention facility at the U.S-Mexico border. The photos can be seen during the video as a photograph. Reuter provides two resources to show its extensive research that they did

Reuter was able to identify the crying picture of AOC and the video of Cruz talking were two years apart. Lastly, Reuters clarified that since the video was of a Senate Session it would be unlikely that Ocasio-Cortez, a House Representative would be present. A spokesman for AOC later confirmed that she was not in attendance.

However, due to this one false video made by a user on facebook led to major news outlets such as Fox News to report on it and make this misinformation spread a few years back.

At the end of their article they provide a Google search of the claim stating that it claims no credible results and that their verdict is that the video is indeed false.

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