For this assignment, I wanted to talk about stereotypes, in particular, a stereotype that has affected me and the people around me and how some people view us. I am a Mexican- American woman and in recent years have seen many harsh stereotypes about my race. That one is that we are all illegal immigrants. A few others came from our former President stating that we were rapists, drug dealers, and brought in crime. 

Of course, these were not the first stereotypes about Hispanics there were some before. Everyone was seen as cholos or gangsters looking for trouble. People see them mainly in a negative light (which is why sometimes I feel I am being stared at when I walk with my friends who are also Hispanic in Scottsdale. They have said the same thing)

In the film, stereotypes have been much more noticeable and blunt. In many movies and shows gardeners and Maids will be Hispanic and will most likely only be able to communicate in Spanish. This article accumulates a variety of stereotypes that Mexicans face in Hollywood. Some that we still see today. It is disappointing to see that happening in modern film and hopefully, we can evolve for the better. 

Focusing now on the stereotype that all Mexicans are illegal immigrants. This is an anti-immigrant mindset fueled by hatred. I see the media’s depiction as inaccurate people were being given labels without reason with the intention to cause harm.

It wasn’t until recently, Arizona passed Prop 308 that allowed in-state tuition for Dreamers. Before that, they had to pay out-of-state tuition.¬†Even though they are from here and grew up here. Many did not see them as that just because they were born somewhere they may no longer familiar with. Stereotypes hurt and can cause long term pain.